Wind and Water - €12 + Shipping

Thought I would share this good news with others... HuCAST (bringing us the eagerly anticipated DUX) have some copies of Wind and Water puzzle battles for sale for €12.

From their email:

" decides to do not stock redpostgames products anymore, so you can get Wind & Water for Dreamcast to a special pricing. Only 12 EUR instead of 32,95 EUR. "

Bargain. I nearly bought this last week at full retail. The Gods have spoken, open up your paypal accounts and go and buy it.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the heads up

Brandon said...

Rad! Thanks for the info!
I was still on the fence for this one because in USD, the previous price was a tad much, but this is a way more manageable price.

マーティン said...

No problem. I bought my copy, emailed a few friends and thought I had better get it advertised ;)

Anonymous said...

Not even 24 hours, and they are already sold out :(

I need to get an RSS reader at work!

マーティン said...

Sorry dude! I posted up here as soon as possible!

Anonymous said...

Nice! Everyone should have a copy of this. The game designers definitely showed the DC a lot of respect but adding exclusive material to it for the DC version.

All I have to say is buy it so some jerk on ebay doesnt charge you $500 dollars for it in the future.

Anonymous said...

Arrrrgh! Sold out!

Oh well, thanks for the heads up anyway.


Anonymous said...

For those of us in the US, grab it off amazon:

They were out of stock for a bit, and just got a few more in (my copy shipped yesterday)... even if its out of stock, you can put in an order and they'll ship it out as soon as the supply is refreshed.

Anonymous said...

Chris A: Yeah, thanks for the tip ^^, actually it's still currently stocked at Amazon and qualifies for Free super saver shipping in the US, which should be great for those far from Europe!