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Dreameye InsideOut Video

Well here's that Dream Eye video I promised, or should I say the first of two, as this will be followed up with a Rummage video of the Visual Park software. 'InsideOut' is the name for all the unboxing type videos I'll be doing from now on (I guess you could count these
Samba De Amigo and Wind and Water videos as 'InsideOut' videos, too).


Barry the Nomad said...

Great video!
I have to get one of these. Love the headset and design of the camera. Shame it looks to be the weight of a McDonalds toy.

Favorite quote:"And they didn't let anyone know about it! So no one knew!"
More Cookie Monster voice, please!

Baron Fang said...

Jees Gagaman you always grab up he obscure stuff. There is a Dreamcast demo/display stand unit on sale on Ebay a the moment with one bid...I wonder if it is you?

Nick said...

hey there,

just wondering if you could e-mail me @ nick@betterleftalone.co.uk with some advice as to where to get decent priced dreamcast games from other then ebay,

i have recently got really back in to my dreamcast and whilst i do have some quality games i would like to add to my collection

hope you can help

thanks and awesome blog!


Animated AF said...

Baron: Not me, I haven't got the room for one of those!

NebachadnezzaR said...

You should do voices for saturday morning cartoons :P

BTW, loved the PSO song in the beginning

Anonymous said...

How much would have this cost originally?

Tom Charnock said...

Another great vid GM. I'd attempt to follow in your footsteps when making vids in future, but my voice is like a cheese grater being scraped across a blackboard...so I won't.

Barry the Nomad said...

to Anonymous, Gaga mentioned £20 in his previous post but that is quite a deal. Expect to pay around £45 ($65) for one.

Caleb said...

It's me!

A million times!


Anonymous said...

Gagaman, does the camera require a japanese dreamcast for the cd and camera to work? I saw the camera on sale at play asia for $50

Animated AF said...

I should think for the disc you just need to boot disc it like you would any other import game, and I haven't tested the Dream eye on my PAL system yet but I'd imagine it works just fine.

Animated AF said...

The Visual Park Rummage video should be up later today, btw. :)