Dreamcast History: System Shock 2.

Half.com has an interesting system for looking up video games they have for sale. They list EVERYTHING including Dreamcast games like Half Life that were never released.

As a point of interest to me they listed something else too.

System Shock 2!!!!

Shodan on the Dreamcast!?!?!??!?!

Oh...what could have been...

This falls under the category of "I had no friggen' idea this existed." How awesome would this had been? As it is now I have to hook up a different PC to make my PC copy of this game to work (video card conflict). How great would it be to hook up the old Dreamcast mouse and keyboard and kill some Many???

Alas this never happened. Vatical Entertainment canceled the port.

One has wonder though...

...is there a playable copy of this game floating around somewhere in the ether of the Internet?

If there is please let me know.


Anonymous said...

i've recently beated second time this wonderfull game on pc, and am dreaming to play it also on dc, shame that it was not released if i could choose between half life and system shock2, sshock2 would be the winner.

Anonymous said...

There actually is a playable copy of Half Life out there. I have one - bought it on eBay like three years ago.

It's not very good and extremely hard to play though because the DC controller - though its amazing - only has one analog stick.

effzehn said...

If you bought it then someone obviously pulled a fast one on you.

Anonymous said...

There exists some upcoming game guide that has this game and a bunch of others that never made release.

Jeff said...

This game was supposedly completed, though due to the Dreamcast's cancellation was pulled from releasing.

Since the System Shock name belongs to EA, I'm not sure who holds the rights to SS2 and whether the source code is with them or with someone who used to work at Looking Glass.

Unknown said...

And now there is an playable copy. Check dreamcast-talk.com