Good news Everyone! Two Indy Projects Are Still in Development!

First off Dynamite Dreams is still in development!

Still fighting to be on the Dreamcast!

I checked their website about a month ago and there was no activity at all so I lost hope.

But it appears they are still gonna make the game! Nice!


Elysian Shadows is still being worked on and still is slated to be on the Dreamcast!

There seemed to be a pretty big shake up in the team but it looks like this game could actually see the light of a dreamcast's laser one day.

Wonderful news. Two Dreamcast projects that I thought might be dead are ALIVE.

Truly the undead console is king (or queen according to Gagaman(n)).


Pulled from DC EMU UK and


Barry the Nomad said...

Sweet! So another cool looking puzzle game and a... erm... what is Elysian Shadows? All I see is a guy in his pajamas talking game development.

Caleb said...

It's supposed to be a RPG-type game.

DD is actually a bomberman type game with VMU support.

NebachadnezzaR said...

NebachadnezzaR's Useless Knowledge:

The word "console" in Portuguese is a feminine word, that's why I once accidentally called my Dreamcast a "she". That would indeed make it a Queen :P

Animated AF said...

Kendall is smoking hot, AND a Dreamcast programmer, what's not to love?

I'm gonna get my arse kicked by Falco now. Just look at those arms! You don't mess with him.

Goldskarr said...

An RPG and a Bomberman-like game? HALLELUJAH!

Falco Girgis said...

I know you didn't just call my girl hot, GagaMan. (jk, haha)

Barry, check out "Adventures in Game Development"--not Introduction. That was recorded loooong ago, and the only reason it's still there is because I don't have the heart to delete it.

We are working on a 2D RPG similar in style to Dragon Quest, Chrono Trigger, and Final Fantasy.

It originally began on Dreamcast, and has since been developed on PC (and now PSP). We recently DID have a big team stirrup, but we're back to kicking ass.

Thank you very much for the publicity, Dreamcast Junkyard. It has always been my dream to release something that people would want to play on Dreamcast.

Peace out, gentlemen.