Last Hope: Pink Bullets.

If you loved "Last Hope" but felt it was lacking in pink bullets then you are in luck...

The team that first created Last Hope for the Dreamcast is going to release a self-published reprint very soon (in July maybe?).

The Pink Bullets edition is not just a remake but they are tweaking the game a bit.

Yes, the bullets will be pink.

- Six credits and instant respawn during one credit
- Higher player ship speed from beginning
- Players ship does permanently equip the Rotary Protection Unit
- Five difficulty settings
- Overall less hard difficulty
- Altered stage color theme for higher Visibility

I noticed the Overall less hard difficulty part right away. That should quell some of the complainers that felt that the original game was just too hard.

So is this a big deal? Well for people who missed out on the first release YES. For people who already have the game? Ehh...maybe not. It's essentially the same game.

Will this effect the value of the original game? I really can't say at this time. Gamers are quite fickle when it comes to stuff like this. Sometimes the original release is made MORE valuable by a re-release. Sometimes the original will lose value. Sometimes people will just consider the two items separate entities and their values will not effect each other at all.

Personally I never had the chance to get the original release. I am preordering.

You can preorder at Hucast, Play Asia and the NG:Dev Team website.

Any questions?

Go here.


Sorry TL for bumping your post. I felt this was somewhat big news.


マーティン said...

I got the memo the other day. I sold a sealed copy of last hope last week and got ~£45 for it.

They haven't mentioned if this is a limited print - that greatly affects the prices.

Caleb said...

Well it's self published so I assume that if they are spending their own money for professional pressing then it's gonna be limited.

Either that or they found some really inexpensive way to produce these without spending a lot of duckets.

Tom Charnock said...

I think I may have missed Last Hope the first time round to be it the one with the Helicopters? Or the one with the black and white bullets? Christ, all these shooters confuse the bejesus out of me!

Franco said...

I pre-ordered it. I missed it the first time around so this will almost make my DC collection complete!

Barry the Nomad said...

Shame they announced this the day after I spent my Dreamcast budget for the month. But the good news is I have a copy of Wind & Water on the way!

Fingers crossed that this is still available come July, but I have a feeling it won't go that soon.

Caleb said...

"is it the one with the Helicopters? Or the one with the black and white bullets?"

Or is the one with with the teenage girls with the giant mechanical claws?

Ribbon Black said...

I've fallen way behind..the last new DC game I got was Trizeal(collector edition!)

Thanks for running this website, I just found it while searching desperately for a Cosmic Smash cabinet and it's great to see a dreamcast site that is updated so often.

Barry the Nomad said...

Welcome Jeremy!
I was wondering, how much play time does the original "Last Hope" offer?
Six Stages doesn't sound like a lot, unless they're extremely long.

マーティン said...

Last Hope is a great game - but insanely hard.

This version should be a lot easier to play, and the 6 levels will be more than enough.

fatherkrishna said...

I'm tempted but I have the original. I have a big soft spot for that game. It came out when my Dreamcast obsession was running at it's highest intensity. I was just so chuffed that someone was developing a 'new' (at the time) Dreamcast title. However it has always been so insanely hard that I never even got past the first level. I'd be interested to play an easier version...

Ujn Hunter said...

Sweet! I'd always been interested in this game, but missed out. This is perfect!

@Caleb: Trigger Heart Exelica? They remade it for XBLA w/o Story mode & Arrange mode however.

NebachadnezzaR said...

The original game was just impossible... If this one turns out to be more playable as they're announcing, then maybe I'll consider it

Animated AF said...

I've pre ordered and will probably sell the previous version off to make up for it. I couldn't even get to the 2nd level in original, so I need an easier version! Fancy calling it Pink bullets though, they may as well of called it 'pussy weakling edition'. XD

Tom: if it helps, this is none of the ones you mentioned, it's the only indie shooters out of all the shooters, and plays a lot like R-Type. It's by the same team that new game Dux.

Barry the Nomad said...

As someone who regularly played Wolfenstein 3D on the "Can I play, Daddy?" setting, Last Hope: Puss... er, Pink Bullets sounds like my sort of game.

NebachadnezzaR said...

Has anyone played the Wanted game for the 360 (quite good, actually, for a movie tie-in)? The easiest setting is actually called "pussy" :P

Barry the Nomad said...

Coming Soon:
"Wind & Water: Pink Elements"

Franco said...

Is it just me or do you get a warm fuzzy feeling when you support these independent developers. Kind of like a spending cash protest against the mainstream. Ahhh....we are such rebels.

Maybe thats what brings Dreamcasts fans together. Our rebellious attitudes.

(jumps on motorcycles, gives the fonzie thumps up, and rides into the sunset)

Barry the Nomad said...

@Franco, Wind & Water truly gives the warm fuzzies. Lots of love went into that game. Plus its nice to know that their team is still going strong on another project, rather than knowing what had happened with various Dreamcast dev teams since 2001 (disbanded, absorbed, sold etc.)

james42519 said...

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