Apologies for my recent lack of input here at the Junkyard. I've been having a major malfunction on the broadband front and as such haven't been able to get anywhere near the internet for at least a fortnight. Sure, there are internet cafes dotted about, but I'd rather lick the decomposing innards of a CJD-infested cow cadaver than pay £1.50 for twenty minutes of shit-slow Netscape Navigator. But I digress. Last week I spent a few days in my home town of Manchester and I was both surprised and delighted to discover that a museum in the city centre was holding an interactive exhibition detailing the rise of the videogame.

This exhibition (aka Videogame Nation) was being held in what's known as the Urbis - a glass isosceles triangle of truly grotesque proportions:

Urbis, yesterday. Sans legions of skaters usually found outside.

Anyway, I grabbed a mate and went to check it out. It cost £3 to get in and was overrun by shouting kids, but it was quite a decent little exhibition - indeed I was initially impressed by the first display case I was greeted by because it housed copies of long defunct games mags and consoles of yesteryear. So I wandered around, played on a NES and an Amstrad GX4000, posted a lap record on WipEout and even had a quick bash on Banjo Kazooie...but something was niggling at me. And as I approached the end of the trip down memory lane, it hit me in the face like a massive wet fish swung by an irate cybernetic clown: The was no mention whatsoever of the Dreamcast, or for that matter, the Saturn!

As such, I was forced to draw a Dreamcast logo on a piece of paper and pin it to the comments board on my way out, along with the caption: "Dreamcast - gone but not forgotten!"

The Dreamcast Junkyard: still spreading the good word. I suppose I should've written "All Hail the Undead Console," but you can't have it all, eh?!


Animated AF said...

I went to a 'Game on' exhibit in London that not only mentioned the Saturn and Dreamcast, they had more than one of each set up to play including a ten player Saturn Bomberman! Which was nice. I did a blog post about it back at Gagaman is in:

Bloody hell, that was three years ago.

Tom Charnock said...

Well, you know what they say GM - time flys when you're sticking pencils in your eyes...or something...

Speaking of games expos, I hear there's one in London at some point in the near future. Anyone know any more about it?

Caleb said...


I wish there was some sort of convention like that within reasonable driving distance of me.