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Only a week of voting to go! We need your clips!

The Top 100 Dreamcast poll is close to closing, only one more week to go! The votes have been starting to slow down a bit, and there is still a lot of games with the same amount of votes as each other, so at the end new polls will be set up to get peoples favorites out of those.

Also editing together this top 100 video is going to be quite a mammoth task, so if you have any clips of you talking about your favorite games, please send theme my way as soon as possible so I can add them into the videos. Any interesting clips are welcome at this stage, seeing as I have so far...erm...none at all. I'm also going to need footage of some Dreamcast games I don't own or haven't got very good footage of (like for example from further in a game than just the first level), if any one can provide some that'd be great:

NBA 2K Series
NFL 2K Series
Phantasy Star Online

Fur Fighters
Grandia II
Record Of Lodoss Wars
Resident Evil 2
Resident Evil 3 Nemesis
Resident Evil Code Veronica
Space Channel 5 and Part 2
Sega GT
Soul Reaver : Legacy Of Kain
Star Wars Episode One : Racer
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 and 2
Worms : Armageddon / World Party


Barry the Nomad said...

I can have a go at taping gameplay of the following games:

Phantasy Star Online (ver. 2)
Space Channel 5
Sega GT
Soul Reaver : Legacy Of Kain
Star Wars Episode One : Racer

I could have something by Friday. :D

Anonymous said...

There's lots of gameplay footage at www.ikaruga.co.uk. Just look in the downloads section.

Have you tried posting about this poll at many other websites? I don't think a whole lot of people know about it. I myself only discovered it today by accident. Spread the word better if you want more votes! ;)

Animated AF said...

Barry: Thanks, that would be great!

Anon: I spread it about the Dreamcast community mainly: DCemu, DCScene, Racketboy, ihaveadreamcast, Sega Nerds and a couple others. Where else do you suggest?

Anonymous said...

Oh, I see. Hmm... how about snesorama? Or There/Second Life, if they have any Dreamcast/retro gaming groups?

Animated AF said...

NeoGAF seemed to be a wise place to link to it, votes just ramped up big time. Now Shenmue and Sonic Adventure are scrapping for first!

Voted4Rez said...

I have a snesorama account and would be happy to help. If you want me to start a new thread on this poll, just give me an idea of how you want the comment phrased.

Animated AF said...

Thanks Voted4Rez(haha). If you could just copy paste from this that'd be fine: http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=372122
(except the last paragraph I guess)

Segab said...

It's done. :)


Barry the Nomad said...

I'll be recording the clips over the weekend G-man! :D

Also I've been spreading the word to friends who have been spreading to their friends etc.

Caleb said...

Couldn't you use the VMU CD to get footage of the later levels of Tony Hawk, ect...?

Or do you want really impressive footage of people getting insanely high scores on levels and people dominating games on hard?

Animated AF said...

I could do that I suppose, though I'd still stink at playing them plus I don't even own a lot of the games I listed. It's alright, I'm sourcing quite a few clips from youtube play throughs of games.