Happy 10th Anniversary of 9.9.99!

Yep, it's that day! The final Top 100 is almost ready and will be posted here later today. For now here's a quick video about my thoughts on the American launch, though I'm in the UK I don't have that much to say about it to be honest. Still, the games that released on day one was simply amazing: the quality and variety on offer.


DCJYfan said...

Nice video, but you forget to mention one of the 3 key launch titles (doh! - some DC expert you are! lol), even though you found the time to talk about minor ones like Pen Pen Trilcelon! The 3 games that really sold the Dreamcast on 9/9/99 were: Sonic Adventure, Soul Calibur and *NFL 2K*.

Here's a link with a list of all the DC and PS2 (boo!) launch titles:


A Moomintroll said...

Cute cat, I have a picture somewhere of a kitten staring mesmerized at a beats of rage Mod.

DCEmu fan said...

Here's a tribute from the good people at DCEmu Forums:

The Sega Dreamcast, 10 years on:

Josh said...

Video Game Conversations (www.vgconvos.com) did a 10th anniversary podcast. You can listen to it here:

Sega Dreamcast 10 Year Anniversary

It's over 2 hours long!