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ScrewAttack's Dreamcast Top 10

As I've said before, looks like everyone joined the party. This particular top 10 actually surprised me in a positive way. I love screwattack, but I got to admit they're a bunch of nintendo fanboys at heart, and sometimes they just make weird choices for their top 10's (the no. 1 in this top is no exception), but overall this list is very well done and they showed a lot of devotion to the system that I felt was truly sincere. Enjoy.


Animated AF said...

Yeah, I really enjoyed this. The idea of having all the Capcom fighters at the top is a neat one, as there was just so many good ones it's impossible to just pick one. Plasma Sword though? That one was pretty rubbish, especially by capcom's standards. But maybe I'm starting to come across as 'pretentious'. :P

charlie bucket said...

no you're right plasma sword is pretty bad

good site btw i always look forward to new posts


Animated AF said...

One thing did stick out at the start though. 700 games? Where did they pull that number from? They must be including every anime dating sim from Japan or something, but even then it'd probably be more like 500. Meh.

Barry the Nomad said...

While ScrewAttack are Nintendoid's at heart, they really nailed this list. The #1 spot was screwy, but was quite funny and rather true. If I had to pick one fighter from the list, I'd go with Power Stone 2.