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ScrewAttack's Dreamcast Top 10

As I've said before, looks like everyone joined the party. This particular top 10 actually surprised me in a positive way. I love screwattack, but I got to admit they're a bunch of nintendo fanboys at heart, and sometimes they just make weird choices for their top 10's (the no. 1 in this top is no exception), but overall this list is very well done and they showed a lot of devotion to the system that I felt was truly sincere. Enjoy.

1UP's Dreamcast Memorial

9.9.99, never forget...

It's almost upon us, dear friends, that hallowed date that marks the 10th anniversary of our favourite console, and 1UP's decided to join the party with this neat article appropriately entitled "9.9.99, A Dreamcast Memorial". It's nothing new, just a retelling of the system's birth, death and live after death. Still, worth a read by any DC fan.

Extremely Angry Dreamcast Fan Hates Simon J and Wants Dreamcast 2. Plus More Dreamcast 2 Videos!

I was hesitant to do a post about this video. It has a ton of misspellings and sub-par editing. Plus the first part does drag on a bit.

Yet the honest feelings of disillusionment and disappointment with Sega really show through. I really don't think that Simon knew what the hell he was getting himself into when he made those remarks about "fanatics" who like the Dreamcast.

Here is some more. A shame really. A bit more editing and it might have fooled more people.

The new Sega "TeraDrive" Dreamcast 2.

I predict a ton of videos like this leading up to 9/9/09.

(I may even make some myself.)

I don't think that most of these people really think that there will be a Dreamcast 2. They are just having some fun.

Celebrate the Dreamcast's Birthday!

9 years old today.

Honestly, I did not get the Dreamcast on 9-9-99 but I remember the ads. I do remember playing Soul Calibur with some of my swim teammates during heavy training months. That was the first time I ever saw a Dreamcast and I was enthralled.

In fact I would go on to buy that very same Dreamcast system later on and it would be my very first console system.

The best thing about gaming with the Dreamcast is that I have yet to experience much of what the system has to offer.

Do to the fact that I started my console collection in college I have never had the time to beat many of my favorite Dreamcast games.

Games I have beaten include all of the Resident Evil games, Sword of the Berserk, D2 and many of the fighting games.

Some of the notable games I have not gotten through are House of the Dead 2 (got to the very end a number of times), PSO, Skies of Arcadia, Jet Grind Radio and EGG.

So even though Sega has no official plans to go back into the console business there are plenty of games that I have yet to fully experience.

However, it seems like some fans are looking forward to next year. 9/9/09? I might have to make a video about this.