Celebrate the Dreamcast's Birthday!

9 years old today.

Honestly, I did not get the Dreamcast on 9-9-99 but I remember the ads. I do remember playing Soul Calibur with some of my swim teammates during heavy training months. That was the first time I ever saw a Dreamcast and I was enthralled.

In fact I would go on to buy that very same Dreamcast system later on and it would be my very first console system.

The best thing about gaming with the Dreamcast is that I have yet to experience much of what the system has to offer.

Do to the fact that I started my console collection in college I have never had the time to beat many of my favorite Dreamcast games.

Games I have beaten include all of the Resident Evil games, Sword of the Berserk, D2 and many of the fighting games.

Some of the notable games I have not gotten through are House of the Dead 2 (got to the very end a number of times), PSO, Skies of Arcadia, Jet Grind Radio and EGG.

So even though Sega has no official plans to go back into the console business there are plenty of games that I have yet to fully experience.

However, it seems like some fans are looking forward to next year. 9/9/09? I might have to make a video about this.


Unknown said...

9 years and still looks pretty damn fine!

I can remember the first time I walked in the game store and saw the DC Display. They had on Soul Calibur. It blew me away! I grabbed all my PS1 stuff and traded for a new DC and Soul Calibur the following weekend.

Code Veronica was part of my life for quite some time as well... Sword of the Berserk I finished straight through one weekend.. Short but sweet. Loved the graphics for that one too.

Animated AF said...

Don't you just love those youtube videos that are just text fading in and out on movie maker? XD

I think people are going to be sorely disappointed when 9/09/09 comes and nothing happens. XD

fatherkrishna said...

Happy Birthday Dreamcast USA!

It's still the sweetest console ever made, but I'll eat my own dick if anything transpires on 9/09/09...

Brandon M. Smith, Esquire said...

I've almost beaten Skies of Arcadia twice and I've started it from the beginning five times. I just can't seem to get through the darn thing.

Animated AF said...

The official birthday for the Dreamcast is technically November 27th when it launched in japan TEN years ago. Happy 9th anniversary for America none the less, the Euro anniversary is on October 14th. =D

Anonymous said...

"I think people are going to be sorely disappointed when 9/09/09 comes and nothing happens."

Well i dont expect anything on that Day.The only thing that i might expect is an original Dreamcast game from Sega as a celebration(who knows why not?)I dont expect new console now maybe in more years when a console will be off then Sega maybe jump on the market.But no on 9.9.09.

---Dreamcasting 2008---