DCJY Rummage: Rainbow Cotton

I promised I'd try to keep bringing you Rummage videos, and here we are with another new one. Now I have discovered a way to record footage of 60HZ games I will start doing videos of lesser known import titles like this one: Rainbow Cotton, a Japanese only release in which you fly about as a red-head witch hunting for candy with the aid of a bunch of busty fairies.

It's a game that could have been great but is sadly let down a bit but some control flaws. It also perfectly demonstrates how terrible I am at playing at it, as you only get to see three levels and I die a lot. Oh well! Speaking of imports, I today received Mobile Suit Gundam: Federation vs. Zeon DX and it is brilliant, another one of those hidden gems there is next to nothing about on this here Internet. Once I've played it more you'll hear more about it.


Caleb said...

Excellent Review!

Why are you getting hit? Is it because you are too fat? Is your giant fat head in the way?


Why didn't they have an option to make the character invisible or change the Viewpoint like in all those racing games?

Is it a "fastival" because the gameplay is too fast and twitchy?

I will have to try this game out.

Hmm. Was there a PS2 version of Mobile Suit Gundam: Federation vs. Zeon? I seem to remember something like that in the box o' Japanese PS2 games I got. Can't wait to hear about it. I have the Side Story game now and I want to check it out.

In any case I have been messing around with some Dreamcast games lately and I need to do another review!


Animated AF said...

Yeah, I belive it was on teh PS2 as well, I was just looking it up. The graphics look worse on the PS2 version, though these may just be unflattering screenshots. IGN's reviews says the PS2 game slowdowns to a halt everytime there is 4 or more robots on screen whereas the DC one works super smooth for me.

Caleb said...

Oh but GagaMan(n)!

That can't be true. The PS2 has the "emotion engine". Everything is better on the PS2!

/end sarcasm.

You know, now that I think about it most of the games I play on the PS2 are not graphically superior to the games I play on the Dreamcast.

In fact I was playing Castle Shikagami on the Dreamcast and then bought the PS2 version and I like the Dreamcast version a lot more.

fatherkrishna said...

Quite fantastic in every way... The rummage series continues to enlighten and inform! This particular episode entices and then dis-engages... Thank the lord that you purchase these Japanese exclusives then show us mere mortals their flaws...

Personally I love Japanese anime fairies with boob jobs, but if all we're gonna get is a sub standard Space Harrier then I can live with out it...

Gagaman(n) you rock! Keep the Rummage output online and I for one will keep on tuning in!

fatherkrishna said...

PS Did you notice my new 'Wind and Water' sprite persona?

Dreamcast 08!

Animated AF said...

As soon as i get my mitts on Wind & water and play it through I plan to put together a rummage video for it. =)

Anonymous said...

yeah federation vs zeon was originally a naomi arcade game which is basically a dremacast with more ram. definitly better than ps2 port..