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DCJY Rummage - Sonic Adventure 2

My first Rummage video in two years, blimey! I hope to get time to do some more of these though they'll probably be shorter than this one: I sure had a lot to talk about with this massive game and there's still some stuff I didn't talk about like the music, but I think 13 minutes is more than enough to sum up the game! Enjoy!

DCJY InsideOut & Rummage - Bomber hehhe!

It's about time I make a Rummage video! I've had a sealed copy of "Bomber hehhe!" on the shelf for a little over a month, and knew I had to record myself opening it. What started as an InsideOut snowballed into a Rummage thanks to a vacation day. Join me as I blow buildings up in this crazy obscure import!

DCJY Rummage: Zusar Vasar

Another new Rummage review! I would love to make one of these every month or so, though things don't always work out as planned. Possibly the oddest (and oddest named) game I've played yet. Robotic animal chariot racing awaits in this drab racer, a game that would be mind numbingly boring if it wasn't for the battle mode.

You could say Wind Squid of Classic Game Room's obsession with flame-throwers has rubbed off on me. Also next time I decide to doodle art for one of these, I'll make them actually fit the ratio of the video, me thinks.

DCJY Rummage: Visual Park for Dream Eye

Here is the review of the Dream Eye's Visual Park software. I also mentioned a homebrew photo manager that was recently released on DCemulation which you can get here.

DCJY Rummage: Wind and Water Puzzle Battles

Finally I've sorted this review out! I had a lot of bother with it when I ended up losing all my editing and voice work for it a couple months ago, but dedicated yesterday to finishing it off. Take note the footage was recorded back in December so my gameplay stats shown are quite old! Also note the new intro I animated for the Rummage series, and it's in widescreen (sort of)! That artwork I made a while back was for this video too.

DCJY Rummage: Rainbow Cotton

I promised I'd try to keep bringing you Rummage videos, and here we are with another new one. Now I have discovered a way to record footage of 60HZ games I will start doing videos of lesser known import titles like this one: Rainbow Cotton, a Japanese only release in which you fly about as a red-head witch hunting for candy with the aid of a bunch of busty fairies.

It's a game that could have been great but is sadly let down a bit but some control flaws. It also perfectly demonstrates how terrible I am at playing at it, as you only get to see three levels and I die a lot. Oh well! Speaking of imports, I today received Mobile Suit Gundam: Federation vs. Zeon DX and it is brilliant, another one of those hidden gems there is next to nothing about on this here Internet. Once I've played it more you'll hear more about it.

RUMMAGE: Dynamite Cop

Blimey, has it really been a year since I last did a Rummage Video review? Either way, here's a new one for a favorite of mine: Dynamite Cop. I actually started working on this one way back in February/March, but coursework made sure it didn't get worked on for months until just this week where seeing all those Classic game Room videos inspired me to finally finish it off. It may or may not be obvious that the narration throughout was made at completely different times of the year, and while some of it was planned out before hand (like the previous videos), most of it was made up as i went along. Also, this is the longest of my Rummage videos to date: twice as long as any of the others in fact at six and a half minutes. Enjoy!<

D2 Video Review. Rummage! American Style!

My first attempt at a game review video and it shows.

I didn't cover everything I wanted to and the voice-over sucked. Plus the video game footage is poor quality.

Points I couldn't get in:

1. The music in this game was kick ass.

2. The ending movie in this game has a timer showing how much time has passed since 2000. Or I suppose if you played the game in 1999, how long until the new millennium.

3. This game was protested in America by feminist groups, which makes NO sense since it has a female protagonist facing down the ultimate evil all by herself. There is a cut scene where an insane dude shoots a helpless woman IN THE FACE, so it was a pretty intense game. But there really wasn't any anything blatantly misogynistic. Except for the tentacle oral rape of course. But I am sure that monster would have done that to any victim regardless of gender.

4. I wasn't clear on the whole "bootleg" version thing. Due to the insane amount of FMVs in this game copied versions are mostly scaled down graphically and don't look as good as the real thing. Hands down D2 is the most difficult Dreamcast game to copy. Which means you should be like me and get a real copy.

I hope you get the general point. I really liked the game.

RUMMAGE: 18 Wheeler

Seesh, I've made 3 of these video reviews this week now. Anyone would think I have nothing better to do! Well, I do, but I can't be arsed to finish that animation I have sitting in the almost-ready-but-still-gonna-take-a-lot-of-work stage, so here's another Rummage installment for Sega's 18 Wheeler. Enjoy, and remember: "When you're hot you're hot baby!"


Another installment of RUMMAGE already? I'm on a roll here so why not? This 2nd video review is of the oddball kids racer PenPen, a lanuch title with great cartoon-y graphics and simple game play. I'm kind of ripping off Screw Attack's Video game Vault feature with these, aren't I? Oh well!

RUMMAGE: New DCJY Video Review Series!

Here's a new feature for the Dreamcast Junkyard video accounts I've been planning for some time, and have finally got around to starting off. Rummage, as I've decided to call it, is a new series of video reviews, starting off with this one about the ape shit shooter Bangai-O, by those fantastic chaps at Treasure. This is my first time doing this so it's a little rough around the edges, but we all start somewhere! I have 2 more currently W.I.P and many more planned, and as soon as I make them, you guys will be first to know!