RUMMAGE: Dynamite Cop

Blimey, has it really been a year since I last did a Rummage Video review? Either way, here's a new one for a favorite of mine: Dynamite Cop. I actually started working on this one way back in February/March, but coursework made sure it didn't get worked on for months until just this week where seeing all those Classic game Room videos inspired me to finally finish it off. It may or may not be obvious that the narration throughout was made at completely different times of the year, and while some of it was planned out before hand (like the previous videos), most of it was made up as i went along. Also, this is the longest of my Rummage videos to date: twice as long as any of the others in fact at six and a half minutes. Enjoy!<


Caleb said...

Complete agreement!

I love this game because you can pick it up and mess around with it for a bit with no pressure.

Dynamite Cop for the Saturn is pretty cool as well.

Animated AF said...

I plan to work on Rummage videos for these in the near future:
Sega Marine Fishing
Rainbow Cotton
Sengoku Turb (although this one won't be so much a review as a very short playthrough)

NebachadnezzaR said...

Great video, gagaman. Got to play it sometime, although I'd like to finish the Saturn game first. Not that I want to follow the "story" from the beginning (lol), but just to kind of see the evolution of the series.

fatherkrishna said...

Great video! Very funny! Both the Saturn original and the Dreamcast follow up are pure unadulterated FUN! I highly reccomend both! More rummage please!

Unknown said...

i fuckig lvoe this game more than anyrthin, especially mor than spellchkcing

Unknown said...