New Samba de Amigo adds familiar character

Pulled from UK Resistance.

Ulala+ Samba de Amigo = Good

They just need to add some more Dreamcast characters and games and I am probably gonna buy a Wii in a few years.

Plus that new House of the Dead game is looking pretty promising as well.


Unknown said...

For me, someone whose had a Dreamcast for barely two years and last console was a N64, the Wii sure is becoming the future console for me. Releases like this from Sega are making the choice easier, even though I do already own and love Samba de Amigo for the Dreamcast. ;)

I just wish a decent 2K Sports NBA title would make an appearance on the Wii (preferably with minimal motion sensor usage. Free throws perhaps.).

All anyone seems to be pumping out are lame arcade titles. I'm aware of atleast NBA 2k3 existing for the GameCube, and the Wii certainly has the power to pull off something way better than the PS2 ports of current releases like 2k7 etc.

Oh well. Four more years or so of NBA 2k2 couldn't hurt....

Animated AF said...

Samba De Amigo is worth owning a Wii for alone...right NOW. Gearbox are truly doing the original game justice with this remake, it's a real stunner.

They've even revealed maraca attachments for the remote, and the set list is nothing short of brilliant. A day one purchase for me.

NebachadnezzaR said...

Sega is definitely doing a good job supporting the Wii, I only wish they would show more love for the 360 too.

Anonymous said...

I have finished House of the Dead 4 on the arcade cabinet.The Game Rocks!!!!.You have to destroy a whole city of zombies and now you have machine guns and grenades.The game was awesome man.I spent 20eyros to finish it!!!!..
Bu the way the graphics are otaly new.Completely new gen!!!!!!!