Screwattack and Classic Game Room show their DC love

Screwattack's Video game Vault tends to focus on NES/SNES games, but recently they've gone into a couple Dreamcast games: 18 Wheeler and Space Channel 5, the latter of which is above. I haven't posted the 18 Wheeler one because I can't find myself agreeing that it sucks, because it doesn't. The Space Channel 5 vid is pretty good though, even if it spoils the ending which I'm still no where close to getting near. Oh well.

Elsewhere, the Classic Game Room has returned with a new series on Youtube, which has already featured some quality Dreamcast lovin' in the form of a review for Le mans 24 Hours (one of my personal favorite racers on the system), a THREE PART review of the bat shit mental shooter that is Mars Matrix, and a review of the Dreamcast controller and VMU for good measure.

Mark is doing these on his own now (well, except for his dog who occasionally joins in to nibble on the odd NES controller), but he does an excellent job of showing off what made the Dreamcast so great in these new videos, and taking you back to what owning one back when it released was like. They're all essential viewing especially if you haven't played Le Mans or Mars Matrix before, both of which are rather underrated games. Below is the controller vid and the first part of the Mars Matrix review.


NebachadnezzaR said...

I've seen the latest Screwattack videos about Dreamcast games (except the Space Channel 5 one) but I thought they just didn't deserve to be mentioned here, they seriously lost a lot of the respect I had for them after bashing 18 Wheeler and Sword of the Berserk.

The Classic Game Room ones on the other hand seem promising. Can't watch them right now, but I'm curious to see what they have to say about Mars Matrix. Not my favourite shmup, but definitely a good and unique game.

Tom Charnock said...

That's a great Le Mans review - I totally agree with all the points the guy makes. It's a stunning game in every sense and the graphics are still pretty good even by today's standards. Also, I've got the internet again now, so hopefully I'll be able to start posting again soon! YAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!! Cough.

Caleb said...

Yeah. I just watched the Berserk and 18 Wheeler reviews and I am a bit miffed.

The only argument that can be made against 18 wheeler is that it's short as hell. Really really short.

Why the hell Bash Sword of the Berserk? It's like the same argument critics made against God Hand. "Oh I am not playing the game the right way so I guess I will call the game broken". The game IS NOT too easy on the normal level and the controls are not broken. I dunno what game he was playing. I also don't understand how he can die in game a lot then call the game too easy.

I really sucks because these games are really good entertainment for the money they cost and people who never got a chance to play them probably will never give these games a chance now.

Handsome Tom left Screwattack. He was the only one to give the Dreamcast real love.

fatherkrishna said...

Good to see any DC love from Screw atack, but I fall into the category of "disgruntled" when I hear the things they say about 18 Wheeler (the first DC game I ever played and a firm favourite) and SOTBGR, my most recently completed DC oddyssey.

Good videos though, thanks for posting them!