Dreamcast rated as One of the "Best Toys of All Time"


This list was created by Good Houseskeeping.

Sega Dreamcast
In 1999, the season's to-die-for item was the Sega Dreamcast Console ($199). The chip inside this 128-bit system processed graphics four times faster than a Pentium II. Plus, the unit played CDs and had a built-in 56K modem, so kids could surf the Web on the TV with the optional keyboard. Forty games ($39.95 to $49.95) will be available for the holidays. We featured Sega in a December 1999 story, "Buyer's Guide."

Interesting. This was for the 90's. One could say that the MegaDrive/Genesis was actually the big thing for the 90's (especially in the UK).

Of course this list also has an "Ultimate Planetarium" listed as a toy so we might want to take this with a grain of salt...

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Barry the Nomad said...

Holy crap! Reading that now makes the Dreamcast seem like such a deal, $199 with $40 games! I wonder how much a PS2 and PS3 would cost if they stripped themselves of all that superfluous DVD and Blu-Ray technology... ha, and notice that they didn't make the list. :)