More on that Hypertension game!

Just in time wait..just a little late of Halloween more details and a new trailer of TDGmods' Dreamcast FPS/PRG hybrid HyperTension. The gory trailer is just below, this time we get to see plenty of gameplay of this elaborate Doom mod. It even has Voodoo dolls! Oh yeah, it gets a bit noisy about 2 minutes in, just in case your volumes up to 11.

Better yet, there is a nice legthy interview with the guys making this over at Diehard GameFAN which you can read here, and there is also a Wiki set up for the game and you can hear more of the soundtrack at their blog.

Speaking of brand new Dreamcast games one just arrived in the post this morning. Expect a video soon!


Caleb said...


It looks like they have got all the cool weapons and enemies from Blood in there plus some new stuff.

I can only hope that they have multiple weapon modes like in the original game.

I was going to do an article about this but I didn't find the time.

I am excited about this. I loved Blood and more gameplay like that is awesome.

A Moomintroll said...

I'm interested to see how the Dreamcast controls will work, as they could make or break the Dreamcast port.

Cuthbert said...

Oi! Where . . . What is this place?