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Happy Halloween from the Dreamcast Junkyard! Thought we forgot? Of course we did....n't.

Reader Aaron Boone reminded us in the comments section of the last post that there wasn't a Halloween post, so now I've made one. Aaron also pointed to last year's Halloween post:
Dreamcast Games to Play on Halloween. To continue that tradition, here are a few more Dreamcast games to play on Halloween (I've got a World Series game to watch so I'm keeping this brief):

Sonic Adventure 2
While not a complete Halloween game, Sonic Adventure 2 includes quite a few spooky segments. The Pyramid Cave levels feature creepy little ghosts, Pumpkin Hill boasts an "impressive" lyrical accompaniment and last but not least there is King Boom Boo. BLARGH!!!!

Zombie Revenge
An, in my opinion, under-appreciated spin-off from House of the Dead. I wonder how many people actually even know that this is a House of the Dead game?

A dark platforming action game (sometimes too dark, I can't see what I'm looking at!) with the ability to shift between two worlds. Sounds like Soul Reaver's ugly cousin, and it sort of is. Still, it's a great game and I love that voodoo vibe.

So kids, what are your picks?


fatherkrishna said...

Well done dear Barry for remembering to celebrate this Hallowed time of year!

My Dreamcast Spooky favourites are
Resident Evil 2,3 & Veronica, Blue Stinger (perhaps more of a Christmas game?), HOTD2, Typing Of The Dead, Sword Of The Beserk: Gut's Rage and (as you so rightly mentioned)...Zombie Revenge!

The one's I didn't like or didn't get, were Illbleed, D2 (I SO wanted to like it...), Alone in The Dark, Kiss: Psycho Circus and The Evil Dead...

Happy Halloween!

P.s. loved the sonic pumpkin vid!

Anonymous said...

PSO..the lobby changed according to the season! So you got pumpkins during halloween.

thomcastles said...

ahhh thats the level they made me put down sonic adventure 2 forever well both of those if im not mistaken knuckles levels were so lame

Barry the Nomad said...

Boom Boo made me want to play more, I'm not kidding. It was the biggest "what the fuck?" of the entire game, and I gobbled it up and asked for more.

Caleb said...

I thought the article about Night of the Living Dead covered Halloween?

I guess I will have to remember to do something last night.

James said...

Cool Cool Toon for its graveyard stage.

zilti said...

There actually was (and still is on a save which adds a Halloween Setting to Sonic Adventure, adding Halloween-Stuff to the levels.
And for Sonic Adventure 2 there has been something similar. There are even Halloween-dresses for the caracters in 2-Player-mode in SA2.

David Cronenberg said...

Aaron Boone, eh? Well, I hope the obscure Nightbreed reference wasn't lost on everyone!

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