Sega PR FTP - Dreamcast Pics Aplety

The Dreamcast has got your back.

While the Dreamcast may have disappeared from store shelves nearly a decade ago, the internet continues to hold amazing official web pages that sit frozen in time. Located on the Sega of America public relations site is a treasure trove of Dreamcast images. Do you have a favorite Dreamcast game? Chances are it's here!

The most exciting image you'll find on this blog

Among the 50+ games represented, one will find a load of sweet Jet Grind Radio artwork, large enough for desktop use. Space Channel 5 treats Ulala fans to many fap-worthy images (can I say "fap" on this blog?) and Seaman is larger than life!

If this is Seaman's eye, imagine how big HE must be!

Did the dog/cat/baby/wife pee on your favorite Dreamcast game, destroying the lovely package art? No worries! The FTP features many covers, all of them from the original file. No scans here!

Click to imbiggen

A large portion of the images found within the folders are screencaps, but the occasional rarely seen image can be found. Sega Bass Fishing features some impressivly large images of bass, while Crazy Taxi 2 offers this unique image:

I'll end this entry with an enormous image of Nozomi. Visit the goodies page and share YOUR favorite image findings in the comments section.

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Chris A said...

Hah, great link, lots of good bits there... too bad there are no Rez PR images in the lot!

A Moomintroll said...

Yeah, There's some really cool stuff in there.
I dread to think how long some of those hi-res images would have taken to load back in the days of dial up.

Barry the Nomad said...

Oh my:

Barry the Nomad said...

Holy crap! The Bomberman folder has super mega high res art of B-man in a photoshop format.

Kurdy said...

Thanks for that link ! Title screen are great for Guardiana :P

Aripug said...

Thanks a lot for the link ;)

Daisuke.exe said...

;_; I didn't find those awesome PSO posters that came with some magazines

I would pay for having these in High Rresolution

Barry the Nomad said...

I had a PSO strategy guide that had some art found as high res images in the PSO folder, specifically the drawing of the item shops and characters chilling in the woods.

NebachadnezzaR said...

"The FTP features many covers, all of them from the original file. No scans here!"


And I do believe you can say fap on this blog ^^

Caleb said...

Wow. Can you really get a Dreamcast on your back in PSO????

I need to check this out.

Animated AF said...

Awesome, though at least for me some of the images were corrupt about half way through them. Does any one know of a quick and easy way I could save all of this stuff without having to save every individual file separate? This stuff could prove very handy.

Barry the Nomad said...

I was getting corrupted files too :(
And second on an easy way to DL everything! Perhaps if one could visit the site via an FTP client, then one could be possible to select all and save at once. I'll have to try it tonight.

@Caleb Yeah! They also have a Saturn and (I think) Genesis. I had a Saturn mag, but lost it in a massive admin sweep of hacked items. Turns out my Saturn was a hack that I received in a trade.

Barry the Nomad said...

How to DL multiple files:

• Open your FTP application of choice (I use Fetch on the Mac)

• Enter:
as the hostname

• Connect

• Select multiple folders, download in one swoop and enjoy!

The Golden Cat said...

Dreamcast porn?

Animated AF said...

Thanks Barry! Grabbing it all at the moment, may take a while. :)

João Gomes said...

2 words:


Ersby said...

Beautiful stuff. Needed a download manager to get some of the stuff to download, though. But worth it.

Anonymous said...

I used to use this all the time to make covers. It went offline after a few weeks of my using it, and was gone for about a week, so, I figured that it was accidentally left on there and my using it had ticked them off about their bandwidth and pulled it. Thanks for posting this up again!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the link. You've given me something I've always wanted :)

Omar said...

Not working again. Anybody knows if there is a torrent or ftp where one could download the art again?