Join The SEGA Network Scrap Heap

Inspired by a discussion at The Saturn Junkyard, I've created a shared Flickr photo group called "The SEGA Network Scrap Heap"! The SGNW Scrap Heap is a shared album open to all readers and writers from the Sega Network blogs. The purpose of the Scrap Heap is to collect photos of our SEGA collections to create, well, a scrap heap of SEGA consoles, games, books and collectibles.

The only rules are that you may only upload photos of items you own, no fuzzy Google image searches, and that the items must pertain to SEGA. Feel free to show off your shelf of PS2 games, as long as there are SEGA games to be seen. No worries if a pesky Squaresoft or Nintendo game sneaks into the frame.

Check out the album here and start uploading!


左さん / Ncc1701p said...

I think this is neat0.

this is my complete dreamcast collection both JP & US (1 EUR in there).

Marcone Antelius said...

Been feeling bad but once I get better I'll take pics of my stuff and post'em. I've got a couple of Sonic paperback kid's books that I've had for years, as well as a new shirt I bought a couple of days ago.

Barry the Nomad said...

Awesome dude! would love to see the heap grow.

I forgot to mention that photos in the album might be featured every once in a while in articles. :)

A Moomintroll said...

Nice, I'll definitely add some pictures.

Unknown said...

Check out my collection, under the username 'octotoad'. Just added a few photos.