Paper Dreamcast Goodies

During a recent trip to visit the parents, I uncovered a few Dreamcast goodies in the remnants of my old bedroom (now the combination workout/storage room). The first of these goodies is a very cool flyer advertising the Dreamcast's US launch. As you see above, the cover is very minimalistic and follows that dark edgy aesthetic that was so popular in the late 90's.

The flyer opens to a cool render of the console, with the design and features detailed on the second page.

It opens once again to show screens from the two biggest launch titles: Sonic Adventure and NFL 2K. I loved this campaign.

The other side detailed the other launch titles as well as titles that released later in the fall, complete with screens. Overall, it's a very stylish and well designed promo item. Hey, it made me want to buy a Dreamcast!

 Next up is a postcard advertising Phantasy Star Online. I found this at a sandwhich shop located next to my dorms in Chicago. They were given out via a little rack filled with cards advertising anything from vodkas to video games.

I had also found a Seaman postcard but forgot where I put it. However, it looked like this:

Finally we have a full-scale replica of Granda II! Okay, it's not that exciting, but it's sorta cool. These were put on display pre-release at stores like GameStop to advertise upcoming games. I received this along with a massive Sonic Shuffle box when I politely asked the store employee if I could have them.

Left: The imposter, Right: The real thing

So there you have it! Paper Dreamcast goodies. Until next time, keep dreaming!


Marcone Antelius said...

I've got the paper foldout also. And I remembered I have several magazines from Gamer's Republic with articles on the Dreamcast, I'll get to scanning those when I can.

Anthony817 said...

Awesome update! I would also love it if you were to get some real scans BIGMercenary. Every little scan helps you know?

Marcone Antelius said...
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Marcone Antelius said...

Oh sweet chocobos, what have I gotten myself into? These magazines have a lot of multipage articles and game details.

It's going to be a while for me to scan all of these and adjust them correctly. Is there an email address I can send the bulk of them to once I'm done? It'll have to be in parts and in compressed folders. I made sure to get a decent size image for each.

Barry the Nomad said...

I'd recommend uploading them to a flickr account in a shared album, that way the page order and size is maintained and they can be easily accessed

Chard said...

damn. I wish I was old enough to think of grabbing Dreamcast related goods when I had mine.

some really neat stuff there.

Marcone Antelius said...

Annnnd.... tada:
It's going to take me a while to go through the rest, but this is just the first magazine.

zilti said...

Wow, thank you, BIGMercenary!
Hmm, it seems they had some Shenmue 2 Elements in Shenmue 1. I'm lucky that crate-carrying-job didn't make it into Shenmue 1.
And I wonder how that port-side QTE would have been like. It looks very cinematic.