Dreamroom UK with the Gagaman starts now!

Oh hey, it's the 11th anniversary of the Dreamcast's American launch! Don't think i'm going to let Barry have all the livestreaming fun because in about an hour or so (so UK time 1pm) I'm going to be doing some livestreaming of direct-feed Dreamcast games on Gagatelly below!

gagaman on livestream.com. Broadcast Live Free

Click on the link and you also be able to chat to me while I'm playing. Games I'm going to be having a crack at include Rush Rush Rally Racing,  hanagumi taisen Columns 2, Gigawing 2, Mars Matrix, Sega Marine Fishing and more (I may also take requests for games). I will stop streaming about 4 or 5pm, just in time for when Barry's much more well prepared livestream will be kicking off!

EDIT: Kicking off a bit early, why not?


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New to the forums but I've read your site for years. Great site. Kick some REZ ass!