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Elusive 'My Wife And Kids' Dreamcast Image!

Well here's that picture I alluded to at the end of the last post. I found it here. Obviously they weren't that keen on saving their progress as you'll note there are no VMUs in the controllers.
It kind of ' gladdens' and 'saddens' me at the same time, to see the Dreamcsat showcased as THE cutting edge console in turn of the millenium films and TV shows. How short that particular meteoric blaze of glory was...

Here's a very poor youtube video to illustrate the point further.


Anonymous said...

I also think its switched off ;)
take a look at the led

A Moomintroll said...

I like the way his entire body is animated when he plays.
Any real gamer can be found slouched in a semi-comatose state, drooling and slightly twitching their thumbs.

Eyz said...