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Next XBLA/PSN Dreamcast ports revealed!

They are Sega Bass Fishing and Space Channel 5 Part 2. JeuxVideo24 have screenshots of how they will look on the new consoles in 720p and widescreen.

Space Channel 5 Part 2 is an interesting choice. before you ask where part 1 is, I believe they've picked this one simply because it's easier to port. Part 1 one used pre-rendered video backgrounds (as opposed to in-game graphics like in Part 2) so not only would they need to re-render those videos in HD, they would either have to stretch them or force the game to be 4:3 (like the Sonic Adventure port was). Maybe this is why they have skipped to Part 2. To be fair though Part 2 is a much rarer game, especially on Dreamcast on which it would cost you a small fortune, especially if you went after the special edition box set.

Sega Bass Fishing is.not quite so exciting. The game really required the fishing controller to have much fun with it so wherever they will implement the Move controller for the PS3 version is yet to be seen, but very unlikely. Hopefully Sega marine Fishing will follow up eventually from this, as that was a much more fun and bigger game.

In case you were not aware, Crazy Taxi is due out at the end of November so at this rate it looks as though we may be getting a Dreamcast port every month if one of these is due in December.


hambly said...

I'd take a ported HD version of PSO even if the O stood for offline.

Barry the Nomad said...

Will be getting SC5P2! However Bass Fishing i'll probably pass (bass?) on seeing as I just bought all three of them for the Dreamcast not too long ago. Fishing controller all the way!

DCGX said...

As much as I love the DC getting as much attention as possible, I'm starting to get a little frustrated after having spent so much on the DC originals when they're going to release them for $10 now. I'd still choose the DC version, but its starting to bother me.

Anthony817 said...

Well, at least they got the widescreen part down right this time! I was getting worried with the way Sonic Adventure looked on the 42 inch widescreen here.

Eyz said...

As much as I love my SC5P2 jap on the Dream', I still prefer the original game...
Disappointing to only have part 2..couldn't they port both games in one? :/

Anonymous said...

@Aaron: not to worry, in a few years these will have vanished, while that hard copy of SC5pt2 will be worth even more ;)

for the record, all this retro releasing on next gen consoles is nice (in a way), but it still doesn't convince me to actually buy a 360/wii/ps3 as they still offfer nothing new compared to previous gen


fatherkrishna said...

Very exciting news as it means more Space Michael! I've coincidentally just ordered a PS2 port and a Dreamcast strategy guide for the first game for peanuts on Amazon...

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