Interview with Corey Marshall, the DC Turns 12 and ODCM Overload

Courtesy of the awesome SEGAbits community member Supa comes a great interview with the English voice actor of Ryo Hazuki, Corey Marshall! Fittingly, this interview comes the day after Ryo’s fictional birthday. Ryo would have been forty-two years old. Check out the interview to see what Corey has been up to, hear some great stories from the days of Shenmue 1 and 2 and his thoughts on Shenmue City!

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In other news, while it happened a few days ago, the Dreamcast had it's 12th birthday in Japan on November 27th! Yup, November 27, 1998 was the day the Dreamcast first hit the retail market. And here we are in 2010 still talking about and still anticipating new (independently developed) games for it! Dead console my foot!

In other OTHER news, I have finally completed my Official Dreamcast Magazine collection! All I was missing was Issue 0, and now it is mine. Muahaha. Hopefully before the holidays I'll get to making a video detailing the mags as well as maybe showing off the demo discs.


Roel said...

Is this the US magazine? Are they different compared to the UK magazines?
There are also some Edge UK magazines with nice dc cover art.

2KGamer said...

Could you make scans? I've scoured the internet and it just doesn't exist. I want to buy the collection obviously but I don't have much money let alone enough for the magazines. Lol I'd even kick you like $20 over paypal for your trouble. I would really like to see it distributed. I have given out 3 Dreamcasts to my friends. I'm all about spreading the word about the Dreamcast.

Barry the Nomad said...

The US magazine is completely different from the UK magazine. US mag's editors were Simon Cox and Chris Charla. The majority of the staff, including Francesa Reyes (current editor of Official XBOX Magazine) moved on to the unofficial XBOX NATION (aka XBN magazine) after ODCM ended at issue 12. XBN was a terrific magazine, I actually subscribed to it a full year before I even owned an XBOX. As they were a former SEGA mag staff, XBN gave 3rd party SEGA games a lot of press. Also, they didn't bullshit. If the XBOX was failing in Japan, they'd cover it. They actually had a great monthly feature on why the Japanese hate the XBOX. Check out their awesome cover for ORTA:

That is something I want to do, though I'm not sure if my scanner will fit ODCM's large page size. If it fits, I'm all for it! If not, I'll have to fine another method.

2KGamer said...

That would be incredible. If you get it going plop down a paypal link and I will kick you what I can.

Anthony817 said...

I have a few friends over at Out-of-print-archive scanning the UK magazines, but there is really nobody I know that has been willing to scan the full 12 issues of the ODCM US.

I would be one of the happiest guys here too if you could manage something Barry, you would be doing great work for the Dreamcast scene if you were to actualy scan the magazines.

In other news, I have a guy that is scanning me all the Half Life DC articles he has on like 5 different magazines, as I want to have all the articles HLDC related previews and hands on reviews in a single place for HLDC fans to read about what could have been had the Multiplayer and Single player versions been released.

Barry the Nomad said...

So I lined the magazine up on my scanner it nearly fits, not too sure if it would scan a full page. It looks like I'd be losing about a half inch to an inch where the pages meet.

Still, I have all the magazines and would gladly scan them when time permits. Another option is laying the mag flat on the floor, getting a camera tripod and aiming the camera to the floor where the magazine is then taking high quality photos of the spreads. Of course, I'd have it properly lit and sitting on a white background.

A third option is using the scanner at work, assuming my boss will be buying a new one soon.

Anthony817 said...

Wow, if you could scan them that would be truly so awesome of you!

You might want to talk to these guys here, as they are pros at archiving retro game magazines.

Look for the guy named meppi he should be able to give you tips on how to scan them with a regular scanner too.

Anthony817 said...

I just created a thread over there for you. You can add to it if you like.

Stacey Wheeler said...

I actually had that premiere issue. Not sure how it got into the UK but I got it in a shop I can't remember the name of back in the day.