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Stunning Samba De Amigo Custom Dreamcast

A beautiful Samba De Amigo themed paint job on a Dreamcast. If I had the skills with paint I'd love to do a custom Dreamcast like this, but alas..


Barry the Nomad said...


I don't have painting skills either, but I always wondered how a Dreamcast shell would take to a paint marker.

DCGX said...

That is incredible.

mazonemayu said...

thats incredible, I wonder how long that took

F2PHero said...

That's incredible. I'm an artist myself, but wouldn't dare do this to my Dreamcast lol I'd do that on some else's though

Barry the Nomad said...


If you're ever up for doing it, I suggest buying a cheap Dreamcast off ebay. A broken one can be had for around $10. Just remove the hardware, paint the shell, and then wait til you find a working DC to swap shells with or simply keep it as a decoration.

Check out this deal: http://cgi.ebay.com/Sega-Dreamcast-Console-Only-PARTS-/170629760429?pt=Video_Games&hash=item27ba5385ad