GunLord Concept Art & Screen Shots

by cube_b3 of SEGAbits

NG:DEV:TEAM have released the first screenshots of their upcoming Neo Geo and Dreamcast platformer GunLord on their Teaser Site. The images are stamped with the words “ALPHA VERSION” to give us an impression that things might still change.They show off a very interesting art direction, the likes of which we’ve never seen on the Neo Geo or the Dreamcast. Very dark and surreal tones are displayed along with very eerie creatures throughout to give a cryptic feel to the game. The tone is set even more forcefully by what seems to be the game’s theme song by Rafael Dyll of Soniq Factory.

Source: Dreamcast-Scene

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Animated AF said...

Looking interesting, nice to see a game of this genre on the Dreamcast at last considering how it never got any Metal Slug, Contra or Turrican games.

Been playing Soldner-X2 on my PS3 lately and thought it felt like a Dreamcast indie like shooter and now I know why: it was the same musician!