Phantasy Star Online - Offline Gameplay

Digging through my old files, I came across this long video of me playing some PSO offline. The video was recorded for the Dreamcast 100, but was never used. But now it's available for all to view!

Reiko is my HUnewearl which I usually used to play with Japanese players. Not that they ignored my other character, but I did find that a Japanese sounding name and a cute girl character was far more accepted than my male hunter character Fokker. Fokker was a level 102, and carried quite a few rare mags and weapons, as you'll see in the video. When PSO2 arrives, I am certain that Fokker will return in all his glory!


Caleb said...

I always liked messing around with this game.

It's kinda cool that they had a control scheme where you had to time out button presses so it's not like Modern MMORPGs where all you do is click one button.

paullstanley said...

I love this game and still play it online with my Dreamcast. Dreamcast is my absolute favorite console. You have a follower in me! Check out my Dreamcast arcade mod I made and let me know what you think!