NG Dev Team releases Gunlord trailer!

NG: Dev Team have finally revealed gameplay footage of their next Neo-Geo and Dreamcast release Gunlord, and boy is it a meaty trailer! We're treated to almost 9 minutes of footage, including the story. As everyone probably expected from the screenshots, this is very much a Turrican style game, right down to the way the character walks about! Hardy a bad thing when the Dreamcast is sorely lacking in any games of this run and gun genre mind: remember the Dreamcast was never treated to any Megaman, Metal Slug or Contra games!

The game is due in December on the Neo-Geo and January the 15th for the Dreamcast in both regular, special and even a expensive collectors edition which contains both the regular and special editions in a box with some bonus goodies!. The official website for the game is now live so go check it out!

Quick drinking game: take a swig every time the narrator says "THE MASTER."


DCGX said...

I don't like the fact that the Collector's Edition comes with a regular and limited edition release, since that's the only way to get the posters and postcard. I guess I have a couple months to make up my mind.

Barry the Nomad said...

I think I'll be going for the Limited Edition. The double edition is a bit much. Loving the art style!

mazonemayu said...

I'll prolly get that dragon thing, as I'm a goodies fetishist ;)

certainly looks ace

Hardak said...

k00L, I'll buy it.