Sturmwind Special Edition revealed, new release date!

Now how's this for a nice surprise? Redspotgames have finally revealed their special edition of their upcoming Dreamcast game Sturmwind, and it contains the following:

- Sturmwind game (obviously)
- Sturmwind Soundtrack CD (of course)
- Full colour tactical guide booklet (ooh)
- Full colour Sturmwind 3D printed model 1:72 scale (whaaa?)

Well that last one sure is a first for an indie Dreamcast release! The whole set comes in a rather snazzy looking blue box too! This can be all yours very soon for 69,95 EUR / US $96.60 / around £60.50 GBP. At that price it's not going to be for casual Dreamcast gamers but for the collectors amongst us it's a rather lovely bundle, and it will only be available for a short time in limited numbers so pre-ordering now is a must if you want it!

Oh, and the release date? We can now expect the game to arrive on the 22nd December! That's a bit later than 11/11/11, but they have been doing a lot of bug testing and the like to make sure the game is ship shape! More on this game as we find out more!


DCGX said...

Instant purchase for me. Can't wait!

Barry the Nomad said...

This edition is AMAZING. Best SE for a DC indie release ever. Though I may have to pass. Generations SE box cost a lot as is, I'll probably get the standard of this and the LE of Gunlord.

Caleb said...

Wow. That is an insane collector's edition.

It might be a bit too rich for me though.

Gerard said...

Is there such a thing as a 'casual Dreamcast player' left in the world?