Purely Belter

Alright. Just been trawling eBay for Dreamcast stuff and I happened upon this little trinket:

It's advertised as a VMU Belt...which is a pretty accurate description...but look at it! It's just a VMU glued to a canvas belt! Call me cynical, but isn't this the cheapest attempt to glean cash from DC fans you've ever seen?

Saying that though, if this Frankenstein's belt had been around back in the day (1999), I probably would have bought one. Beats carrying the enormous and unwieldy bulk of the massive VMU in your pocket. Hmmm.

Fancy one? Go here.

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A Moomintroll said...

Wow, and its a snip to at $17 +postage.

Someone should definitely contact that nice lady with the headset to ask if they're authentic.

Btw, have you ever though sega bass fishing was to easy?
I have a solution, play ten copies at once.