The Dreamcast Junkyard is 6 years old!

From yesterday, that is! Tomleecee started up this blog back on 7th December 2005 and even though we don't all get to update this place with article as often as we used to, it is still one of the most active Dreamcast websites on the Internet, isn't it? I hope it is anyway. Either way it's the sixth site that shows up when you search for Dreamcast so that's pretty neat.

I can't even believe it's been that long. Having been here myself as a writer since April 2006, I'm not really sure where all those years went. Oh yeah, they went into taking photos and photoshopping them like this:

Remember that time I thought I'd found Maraca compatibility in a Baseball game only for it to turn out the game was playing itself? How about that time a commenter on UK: Resistance described me as a wank muffin? Good times!

But enough about me, no one cares! It's all about the Dreamcast coverage, of which we have had oodles of! Quite handy when a supposed dead console turns out to be undead really, gave us all more to talk about, and there's STILL some fantastic indie games on their way so we're going no where! There will defiantly be unboxing videos at least for the new releases from me, and the Dreamroom livestreams will be something of a annual thing for both Barry and me if we can help it.

By the way I really hope no one minds me messing with the layout of this place a little. You may notice it's a wee bit more roomy here now!

Anyhow, happy birthday you great big pile of HTML code you!


OatBob said...

I remember the start of the Junkyard. I recall the original mission was to continue IGN's failed attemt to reboot the system. There they coined the term "failing the Dreamcast." In the end they only did about 10 new reviews before they failed the Dreamcast themselves. Shame on them!

Animated AF said...

Oh yeah I remember that, although i think that was long after the Junkyard was started.

DCGX said...

Silly IGN. The Dreamcast is too powerful for it!

Congrats! I do like the altered layout.

Barry the Nomad said...

Happy Belated Birthday, DCJY!

It has been great fun following the blog over the years, watching it grow and writing for it! Heres to another 6!

Tom Charnock said...

Liking what you've done with the 'Yard, GM. The place needed updating to be fair. Good work!

Animated AF said...

You can thank Barry for the new top banner design and other visual bits and bobs. :)