Jet Set Radio Coming This Summer!

SEGA Blog has just shared some VERY exciting news regarding the next Dreamcast rerelease. The game being released is Jet Set Radio,as if there was any doubt. They also confirmed that the game will be known as Jet Set Radio, so say goodbye to the original US title “Jet Grind Radio” (and good riddance!). Also, the game will be in beautiful widescreen, as seen in the screen shot above, and the game is coming to XBLA, PSN, and Windows PC Digital Download this summer! SEGA has also announced a contest where fans can get there art in the game and win prizes for doing so. Reminds me of when the game originally released, I recall SEGA having a similar contest. So far so good! Now SEGA just needs to confirm that there will be no music cuts. 


Animated AF said...

Defiantly gonna enter that contest, I want that hoodie and spray can pretty bad!

Anthony817 said...

Lol, Jet Grind Radio sounds harder, like a tougher name.

Oh well, I will never get over the fact that Dreamcast stuff was different in all regions.

Should have made the European swirl red, and Jap and US orange, so at least the European systems would still feel close to the original, and yes, Jet Set Radio is what it should have been called from the beginning, but whatever lol.

A Moomintroll said...

I will defend the blue swirl till I die.
Never dis the blue swirl.

Anthony817 said...

I don't understand where you seen me diss the blue swirl.

All I said was that they should have made them all the same in every region, if that meant making the swirls all blue, so be it.

I just like everything to be the same for continuity sake.

Animated AF said...

I believe the swirl blue in Europe for copyright reasons, something else was already using a orange swirl like that here, same reason why Jet Set changed to grind in the US.