Dreamcast Diva Ulala to Cameo in Crossover RPG

For those not following general gaming news, the story goes like this: For the past month, a project has been teased involving SEGA, Namco-Bandai, and Capcom. All that was known was that it was to be a crossover game on the 3DS. Japanese magazine Famitsu has finally spilled the beans, the game will be called Project X Zone (pronounced Project Cross Zone). Project X Zone will be a strategy RPG featuring “iconic” characters from all three publishers. According to Famitsu, the characters in the game will team up in pairs for fighting scenes. You can read the full report over at SEGAbits.

The bit that matters to Dreamcast fans is the reveal of Ulala as one of the SEGA characters making a cameo! Pai and Akira of Virtua Fighter also appear. You can check out some screens and new art in the scan above. It's unknown if the game will get an English release, but I'm going to lean towards unlikely. It's just too niche a title despite the cameos. Space Channel 5 has gotten a bit of attention this year, with the Space Channel 5 references in the 3DS game Rhythm Thief and this title. Could these cameos point towards a 3DS Space Channel 5 game? I know I'd love a Part 3!

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