Dedication & Aberration

As I may have mentioned in some recent posts, the level of enthusiasm displayed by most of the Dreamcast community never ceases to amaze me. Even now, in 2012, there are multiple hand-helds, console mods and emulators popping up all the time, and the level of commitment to our favourite defunct system should be championed. To illustrate my point, I was recently (well, not that recently actually...I completely forgot to post about this but hopefully this will make amends) contacted by a DCJY reader known only as 'Aaron' who has, rather impressively, designed and built his very own bespoke DC arcade cabinet. Wanna see? Boom:

How awesome is that? According to it's talented creator, the unit is 47" tall and has a 17" LCD monitor strapped in. Aaron - the DCJY salutes the fruits of your labour...which was clearly actual labour, and not just clicking around on eBay after one too many beers as I am want to do on many a cold, lonely winter evening. Sigh.

On the subject of eBay and display cabinets, I have noticed quite a number of them popping up for auction - you know, the ones they used to have in GAME and EB back when the DC was en vogue? Weird coincidence or blood curdling conspiracy? You decide.

I finally saw the Angry Video Game Nerd movie trailer last night. Urgh. To use his own phrase against him: what was he thinking? I'm not gonna lie - it looks terrible. I think James Rolfe's AVGN reviews are fucking legendary and I was intrigued by the notion of a movie about the character...but just viewing the trailer made me slightly sad. What's with the stupid aliens and zombies and cliched army shit? Why couldn't it just have been a Napoleon Dynamite-esque tale of a nerd who loves talking shit about games in his basement? I realise the amount of work that must've gone into it, and that the whole project was funded by donations...but is this really what those fans who pledged money really wanted to see? More importantly, can the AVGN ever recover from this: decide.


DCeric said...

Hey sorry i posted here you can delete the comment anyways. I wanted to email you cause i thought you'd like my video on Geist Force.

I thought you would also post it as news.

Tom Charnock said...

Cheers Eric - will do!

Caleb said...

Yeah I don't know what the hell James Rolfe is thinking.

AVGN is a solid webshow. It could only work as a movie in a certain way.

You would think he would have a better idea of what works on an independent movie considering how much of a film buff the guy is.

Caleb said...
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Caleb said...

From the trailer it looks like he is making the classic mistakes that EVERY SINGLE bad low budget movie has ever made.

Don't try to make an "epic" movie with hollywood type scenes if you don't have the budget to do it right.

I would assume that the guy is working with a bunch of dudes that are yes men and amateurs.