Pier Solar Dreamcast Game Fully Funded!

Watermelon's kickstarter has been fully funded!


There WILL be a new Dreamcast RPG!


More details about stretch goals will be coming out tomorrow.


OatBob said...

Keep donating!

The stretch goal of 150K will add integrated VMU support :), VGA and 16x9 widescreen video output.

Anonymous said...

Hey go to warp records and search for flying lotus video" tiny tourcers" there's a Dreamcast inthe video ..so frickin awesome!

OatBob said...

Now it's on every console that seems to get even a shred of indie dev support. I just hope they didn't bite off more than they could chew by making it multi-platform.

DCGX said...

I'm pretty sure they already had it running on each of the platforms it will be released on. I think the Kickstarter was more to finish the project rather than begin it.

Either way, another Dreamcast game and it isn't a shoot-em-up!