Leona's Tricky Adventures: a new Dreamcast Kickstarter!

What's this? Another Dreamcast game project up on Kickstarter? Why yes it is! I just got e-mailed about this one a couple hours ago. Here is what Silvana had to say on the project:

"The comic-artists M.Musal/B.Samuel, game music
legend Chris Huelsbeck and also Fabian Del Priore 
helped us to create a truly beautiful, explorative
puzzle game. Dreamcast (and Amiga) is our first
target platform as a tribute to where the inspiration
came from.

Help us to fund our Kickstarter campaign - this will
also give us the chance to integrate Dreamcast support
in our Kha SDK, which will make Dreamcast development
much more accessible for everybody since we know there
are thousands of Dreamcast- and Amiga-Fans out there
who are very disappointed that their consoles are not
continued by mismanagement."

UPDATE: The Kickstarter has been cancelled, and funding for this game is now going to take place via Paypal/credit card pledges at their website at this link, although on that page the pledges are for a PC version, go to this page to pre order the Dreamcast version with a standard version for 25 Euros as well as options for all the bonus stuff including the soundtrack, t-shirts and more from the kickstarter also still available. This way they can get funding without a target amount as such and can still get the game produced. 


DCGX said...

Hm. I think this is more of a "wait and see" for me. I hope they hit their goal though.

nahidworld said...

Your post of Console game is so good.it is a good source of game.

Liam D Nicoll said...

$100 + conversion rate is very expensive for this dreamcast game

DCGX said...

They've listened to everybody and lowered their funding amounts. The standard game in a jewel case with free shipping is now around $37. I'm still on the fence.

DDT said...

Little Ninja!


Animated AF said...

I must admit I'm on the fence about this one so far too. With the Redux kickstarter it was a indie Dreamcast developer that have already proven their salt in the past, and I'm not entirely sure if this game appeals to me much. Neat that it;s also gonna be an Amiga game though.

Benjamin Murbach said...

Hey havent chimed in here for a bit but have you seen this???? I just ordered my dreamcast one...seems worthy for a blog post. to get more people interested to see it, doesnt look to be around forever.

DCGX said...

That's pretty slick! Though a square bag is kind of awkward to put stiff in.

Tamara said...

Every Dreamcaster should support LEONA here - it's a great explorative puzzle with hours and hours if fun! http://www.trickyleona.com/dcafund.html