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The Ghost Blade Announced! Neo XYX Trailer!

Hucast, while busy on the kickstarted Redux: Dark Matters, has ended up announcing another Dreamcast shooter! The Ghost Blade is a TATE style vertical shooter, so if they time it' release right we might get two at the same time, the other being Neo XYX from NG: Dev Team!

They have a deluxe special edition up for pre-order right now, which contains the game, an artbook, a soundtrack CD and a superplay DVD! It's quite pricey at 80 Euro, but a cheaper regular edition to due to be put up for pre-order soon. If you do want this one though they only have just over 100 copies left so be quick!

Going back to Neo XYX, NG:Dev Team has released a trailer of the game. I get a proper Toaplan feel from it, in particular games like Truxton, which is a-ok by me! This game is due out in June, and is up for pre-order on both limited and regular editions.

At this rate we are going to get hopefully SIX Dreamcast games this year: Sturmwind (eventually), NEO XYX, Redux: Dark Matters, DUX 1.5 and Pier Solar! Phew!


DCGX said...

It's worth noting that as the 'supporter edition' of The Ghost Blade gets sold, the price goes up. It was originally around 70 Euro, then 80 Euro (which is when I bought it), and now 90 Euro.

Animated AF said...

That's a weird way of doing things..

DCGX said...

Yeah I wasn't pleased. I didn't even know about the original 70 Euro price until someone posted a screenshot on Hucast's Facebook page.

Animated AF said...

Defiantly gonna be just getting the regular edition in this case. Not really fussed about the super play DVD.

DCGX said...

Yeah outside of Sturmwind, and Pier Solar HD, limited/collectors/supporter editions aren't really worth it anymore. I still get them, if anything because of their potential rarity, but I never touch the soundtracks or anything.