Remembering Kenji Eno

Last month a gaming legend passed away. Kenji Eno is not a household name but his influence on games is massive, creating unique works that have such a unique and mysterious feel to them.

Sega fans will know him best for games like D and Enemy Zero on the Saturn and D2 on the Dreamcast. He also created Real Sound: Kaze no Regret, a game on both the Saturn and Dreamcast that was a audio only adventure, so even blind people could play it. The man was also a musician and composed tracks for Sega Rally 2.

Here is a fantastic article over at Gamasutra about his career and influence. Also, a Dreamcast fan e-mailed me an interview with Kenji Eno discussing D2, scanned from an issue of Gamersrepublic. Check it out below.

Finally here's a video review Caleb did way back in 2007 of D2.



Benjamin Murbach said...

sad news. Loved the original D on the saturn. nothing like it at the time.

Caleb said...

He will be missed.

A really talented guy.

Greg Wilcox said...

I'll definitely miss Eno, but his games will live on. I've a nice WARP collection (minus a game or two) as well as a brief story about recently returning a signed copy of D2's Bliss Edition I've had for a long time back to a personal friend of his who was the original owner here:

NebachadnezzaR said...

Only game I've played was D2, and that was a great, and unique, experience. Weird, and with some bad design choices here and there, but a great game overall.

@Greg, that was a really nice thing to do, I doubt many fans/collectors would return the game

Garry G. said...

So sad,

D2 and E0 were and still are two very innovative games.

The industry loses just one more little piece of genius and originality, and most people won't even know, notice, or care.