1500+ subscribers on Youtube? About time I posted something!

The Dreamcast Junkyard Youtube channel has been dormant for about 9 months now, since my Gunlord inside out video, and with over 1500 subscribers still about, it's about time I updated it! So here's a quick video about all the games announced to be releasing for the Dreamcast this year, which I will be featuring on the channel as soon as they arrive in the post, starting with Sturmwind at the end of April.

For this year of new content I thought it was about time I gave the channel a new lick of paint. I updated the channel design and in the video there is a new intro featuring that Dee Cee mascot I designed a while back. I'm also thinking about something for the 15th anniversary of the Dreamcast consoles Japanese release, but it's too early to say just yet. I did leave a clue though.

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Barry the Nomad said...

Hot damn its back!

I'll admit, I felt bad too. I wanted to contribute more, I really did, but 2012 was a busy year for me personally and a not so busy year when it came to Dreamcast stuff. But 2013 will be much better, I can feel it.

Also, love the new intro Gagaman!