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Dux 1.5 Trailer: Release date April 22nd

Looks like our first Dreamcast game of 2013 to ready to escape into the wild, though in this case it's not an entirely new game. Much like Last Hope: Pink Bullets, Dux 1.5 is a revision of, well...Dux, which came out back in 2009, and has made changes to make the game more balanced with adjustments to various gameplay elements, bug fixes and enemy patterns, instant re-spawn instead or re-loading from a check point, a new soundtrack and 'custom controls' which I assume means you can customize anything to any button.

The good news is if you already own the original Dux you can get your hands on this new edition. I;m not entirely sure how you go about claiming one but this is mentioned on hucast.com so if you log in from there and contact them they will let you know I would imagine. Also if you pledged to the Redux kickstarter you can get a discount on anything from their store, and if you pledged enough for Redux you will get Dux 1.5 as well.

The game has been revealed to be on it's way at the end of this month, the 22nd of April, although there is still no release date for Redux as of yet. As for wherever kickstarter pledgers will get this on street date or will have to wait till Redux is out, I'm just asked Hucast about that on Twitter..

Either way when this pops through the mail I will bring you a video including side by side comparisons with the 2009 release. I was pretty darn awful at Dux, so hopefully the changes will help go towards me getting further in it! :P


DCGX said...

I'm hoping ReDux will come out the same time, considering Dux 1.5 is shipping with it for some Kickstarter backers (myself included). Two DC releases in one week though. Awesome!

volcomstoned069 said...

whats with all the 2D games that indie developers realease for the DC?? Why cant anyone spend the time and make something actually interesting(3D)?!

Im sick of all these rehashes of the same 2D indie top down space shooter or misc sidescrolling.

Come on guys I dont care if it takes a year or two, lets tap into the DC's potential once again and make something 3D like DC games were meant to be

volcomstoned069 said...

I mean these 2D indie games are all so boring and played out now that the homebrew scene is over a decade old. I have more fun playing these visually simplistic games on my GBA!

Any word on Tahi?

DCGX said...

Dude relax. You do realize that these '2D' games still take years to make and most of the time these are passion projects the devs do on their own time. Not only that but it would cost a lot more money. If you want a big '3D' game (I put them in quotes because Sturmwind is in 3D and has taken seven years to finish), then make one and release one yourself. Just be happy they're making Dreamcast games at all. And if you aren't, you're definitely on the wrong site.

volcomstoned069 said...

you are right, as a hug DC fan I shouldn't take them for granted...

Yeah sturmwind has 3D backgrounds but its still a sides croller right? I heard the KallistiOS development environment (most use it these days right?) is fairly limited compared to Sega's but it seems like fairly experienced developer sholdnt have too hard of a time getting something going.

I guess as much as I appreciate the homebrew scene, the games that come out of it are more or less a novelty because they're being developed on long discontinued hardware..

I just always wondered what a new game that pushes the DC hardware to the limit would be like these days. Kinda like what an Electronic Arts game would have been like on the DC. Know what I mean?

It would be really cool if the indy scene could maybe do some high quality ports to the DC.

For example(and I could be totally crazy here), I always thought the super monkey ball games for the GCN would be PERFECT on the DC. It has the same kind of flair that a lot of those DC games had and seems simple enough that the DC's hardware could run it with relative ease.

I guess I came off a little strong so I apologize. I just ave dreams like everyone else lol...

NebachadnezzaR said...

I would also love to see a new 3D game for the DC, maybe some kind of action/adventure title, but I can see why they don't go that way. Creating and bugtesting the engine alone would take an insane amount of work/time for an amateur developer, and even if someone had the guts to try it I can easily see a project like that being abandoned halfway.

About Dux 1.5, instant re-spawn is a must. I absolutely hate arcade-style games that use checkpoints.

Dr. Bilal said...

Umm you already own Dux, so why didn't you contact them for your free copy of Dux 1.5.

Salo717 said...
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