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Dux 1.5 is shipping! Unless you pledged to the ReDux kickstarter..

Hucast Games revealed today that Dux 1.5 begins shipping out tomorrow, earlier than planned, so if you pre-ordered this expect your copy in the mail soon! If you pledged enough for Redux: Dark Matters on kickstarter to get that game with this one, apparently Hucast will not be shipping Dux 1.5 until Redux is out, as they are in a bundle box set I assume. A bit of a weird snag there; anyone that pledged any amount on the kickstarter gets discounts on the hucast store on everything so in theory I could buy it now at a discount, but I already technically bought it with Redux, but I guess I can wait for them both to arrive together, although a release date for ReDux is yet to be confirmed.


Ujn Hunter said...

It's a shipping issue. I backed the deluxe edition with the double soundtrack and both games and the soundtrack is already out as well... but they'd be paying enormous amounts for shipping if they had to ship 3 different packages out.

Animated AF said...

That's a good point. I would be willing to pay separate shipping for the two games though if the option was there. Still, I can wait for both together, I just wonder if the Dux 1.5 that comes with it will be this separate box or together in one box.

DCGX said...

Hucast released a Kickstarter update stating ReDux has been pushed back to "Summer 2013." Bummer.