The Ghost Blade teaser trailer!

Wow, the Dreamcast indie game scene is on fire lately! We now have gameplay footage from an early alpha build of Hucast's The Ghost Blade. The video features stage 4 including it's boss, and apparently more videos are on the way soon. Graphics are very nice indeed, though that sea animation looks a bit funky, but that's being worked on apparently. Also there is now both regular and special editions of the game to preorder at, with the regular edition at 32 Euros and the special edition, limited to 1000 copies, which adds a soundtrack CD and different cover art is 50 Euros. They also still have the collector's edition with the soundtrack and super play DVD for the hardcore collectors.

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NebachadnezzaR said...

Looks great! The background is amazing, way superior to Dux's in my opinion (was never a fan of that basic 3d/plastic like look).

BTW, I was cheking out their site when I noticed in the top corner where they say "worldwide shipping" and then translate it into french and spanish. They must have used google translator or something, because "transporte marítimo" in spanish means sea transport, which is oddly specific and probably wrong, I don't think they actually ship it by sea.