Well this is unexpected.

I have just been brought to attention something quite surreal by GavvieUK on Twitter. From the British Library website:
From 6 April 2013, the British Library, the National Library of Scotland, the National Library of Wales, Bodleian Libraries, Cambridge University Library and Trinity College Dublin, gained powers to archive the entire UK web, along with e-journals, e-books and other formats.
To mark the passing of the new regulations, curators and other experts from all the participating libraries chose the 100 Websites which they judge will be essential reading for future generations researching our life and times in 2013.
What has any of the above got to do with the Dreamcast Junkyard? Scroll down to near the bottom of their top 100 list of website and er...we're on it.
The Dreamcast Junkyard - Blog dedicated to the community of gamers who continue to play Dreamcast games online, despite the fact they were officially discontinued in 2002
There is only two gaming related website listed in this top 100, the other being Nintendo Life. The list is mostly made up of websites like Ebay, Twitter, Facebook and UK sites like Daily Mash, Moonpig, the official website of Stephen Hawking, the BBC and lots of political and official government websites.

...I'm quite speechless. We are even mentioned in a BBC News article about it! Um....wow.


Tom Charnock said...

Heym GM - I can shed some light on this whole thing:


I went submitted the blog for inclusion in the UK web archive last November, but then it kinda went all quiet. Not anymore though!

Animated AF said...

Ahhh, I forgot all about that! Still pretty surreal that we got on this top 100 list though, eh? :D

VertMB said...

Oh wow this is totally awesome news.

Davecaster said...

Most awesome! This is just outstanding news.

Just as a point of interest did you know there are 2 dreamcasts in the National Media Museum in Bradford? One is in a cool underfloor display which you walk over and it tracks the development of computers. The DC is there as the first readily available home console with internet support. Just very nice to see some in the wild!

Tom Charnock said...

Mr Sonny Boy - it's funny you mention that, I went there a few weeks ago specifically to visit the gaming bit and I was quite surprised to see those very DCs. I went to a temporary gaming exhibition in Manchester a few years ago and there was no mention whatsoever of the Dreamcast, so it was cool to see the console at the Media Museum

Barry the Nomad said...

Guys, this is something we put on our resumes.


DCGX said...

This is incredibly cool. Congrats!

NebachadnezzaR said...

Ahah, this is super awesome! Barry is right, I'm so going to put this in my resume :D