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Just a very short infoburst of a post today: The Dreamcast Junkyard has yet another new URL - but this time it's! The old / one will still redirect here but just thought I'd make you all aware of our shiny new address.



NebachadnezzaR said...


Dr. Bilal said...

Now if only we can have GagaMan play Sturmwind already!

SirTea said...

Yay, you have a domain name to an in-depth and interesting blog! ;)

Animated AF said...

Dr. Bilal: been super duper busy with animation work, if the game had shown up even a week earlier I would have had time for it. I haven't even had time to just casually play it yet, as I want to record my first go at it so it's been sitting on my shelf for ages.

Would like to say I will have time for it in a couple weeks hopefully.