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Redux: Dark Matters due for release December 3rd!

Redux: Dark Matters, the kickstarted sequel to DUX, finally has an official release date! The game will be released on Decmeber the 3rd, and is up for pre-order as a regular edition for 32.95 Euros or as a bundle with DUX 1.5 (released earlier this year) for 39.95 Euros. Because the kickstarter limited edition comes bundled with DUX 1.5, I have had to wait till Redux is released to also get that game, so I will be getting both games at the same time!


typicalgeek said...

Ugh. What a scam of a Kickstarter. Nothing that they offered as Kickstarter - exclusive stayed that way, and half of it became available early on the Hucast store. In other words, Kickstarter supporters are the last people to get their hands on the OSTs, DUX 1.5 etc. And they didn't even save any money thanks to continuous Hucast sales! I urge people to abandon their support for Hucast. It's ridiculous what they did with this game.

Animated AF said...

Funding the kickstarter means you got discounts on everything on their store forever. If you want a real kickstarted scam look at the Homestuck game: zero information about the game, zero updates, stupidly high pledges to get your OC to be in the webcomic, only for them to appear in one panel and get instantly killed off.

I don't mind waiting for DUX 1.5 bundled with this and the collectors tin edition is still kickstarter pledges exclusive. Boycotting over the wait seems pointless to me, I'd rather just enjoy the game when it arrives.

DCGX said...

Discount of 10% from now on sure, but they waited until after the supporter edition of The Ghost Blade was no longer available. I preordered that version right away, after they announced the 10% discount, and emailed them about it. I never got a response.

From now on, IF I ever get another DC game by Hucast or Renee, I'll wait until it's released. No more preorder games through them for me.

Tom Charnock said...

Hucast getting a bit of a kicking there...!