Dreamcast User Top 100 Round 2: Vote for your favorite Dreamcast games!


Back in 2009, we set up a top 100 poll for everyone to vote on their favorite Dreamcast games for the 10th anniversary of the Dreamcast’s American launch of 9.9.99. It led to the most comprehensive fan chosen chart for the Dreamcast, and the longest article I have ever written.

Now here we are four years later for the 14th anniversary of 9.9.99 with ROUND 2.

This recount feels like a long time coming as I feel we could get even more people involved this time if this is spread all over Twitter, Facebook and the like. Quite a few indie games were released in that time since the last poll and quite a few Dreamcast classics have found a new generation of fans thanks to HD re-releases.

This new poll, just like the previous one, features every single retail and indie Dreamcast game released up to this date (the most recent being Sturmwind), with well over 500 in total! You can vote for as many games as you want so take your time to go through the list and make sure you have found all the games you enjoyed on the system

Games are listed with their regional names beside them (for example: Virtua Tennis 2/ Power Smash 2 / Tennis 2K2) and in a few cases games from the same series where the installments are quite similar are merged (such as the NBA 2K games) to save room. If you can't find a game, use Ctrl+F to search for it.

The poll will close on November 22nd. The results will be counted and if any games have the same amount of votes new polls will be put up for a week to decide which should be above the other.

The final results will be released on November 27th, the 15th anniversary of the Dreamcast's Japanese launch. This time around however, because so many great games missed out on the top 100 last time…I feel it’s only fair this time…to make it a top 200.

That's right, the article for the results of this poll will be twice as long as the last. I must be mental.

The full list of every game that got votes will also be released, so this will be the biggest fan voted chart of Dreamcast games ever. Basically, anyone looking into the Dreamcast for the first time that wants to know what games are worth playing will hopefully see this as the number one source.

The poll can be found HERE at a site called misterpoll. The first time you view the site you will get a save mode on / off page, click either of the buttons and you will go through to the poll. Unfortunately we can not embed the poll here but this was the most functional poll site we could find after lots of pulling our hair out! Thanks go out to Barry the Nomad for helping get this sorted!

UPDATE: added a couple games that were missing (oops!) and moved two of the Gundam games that were under K up next to the other two Gundam games so they are easier to find.

UPDATE 2: Moved the poll closing date till the 22nd of November, so you now have a week left to vote!


Tom Charnock said...

Woah - this is a massively ambitious and AWESOME project GM - I'm casting my votes right now! Top stuff!

Steve said...

Awesome idea - just voted, but noticed I'd missed out a couple of classics. Oops. Never mind, my favourite (and most played) games are all included.

Loving your work fella.

CD ageS said...

Voted! Hey, I couldn't find Sega Smash Pack on the list :(

Animated AF said...

Virtua Cop 2 and Sega Swirl from Sega Smash Pack are on the list, but the rest if that disc was poorly emulated Mega Drive games. :P

Steve said...

In true Emmy/Oscar style, I wanted to 'big up' STARLANCER for your voting consideration...... surely one of the most underrated games around, a natural successor to the classic retro game ELITE. Hoping that dents the chart somewhere.

Ryan Danhauser said...

I couldn't find Virtual On Oratorio Tangram

Animated AF said...

Ryan: It's under C. Cyber Troopers Virtual-On. If you already voted you can vote again with that game later.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, so I'm replaying Crazy Taxi on my iPad mini and boy do I miss my dreamcast. Seriously, I would love to see Sega port Sonic Adventure, Shenmue, & Skies of Arcadia to iOS as well. Maybe even the HD saturn release of NiGHTs as well. Man, I miss the old Sega. If they relied more on older IP's they'd be full of more success amongst fans. Good news I've noticed Sega listens eventually.