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The Top 200 Dreamcast Games: Voted by you!

Happy 15th anniversary of the Dreamcast! The votes have been counted so now here is the final Top 200 Dreamcast games! Thanks to everyone who joined in on the voting!

Before we get started, some random facts about the final list:

- There is a total of 235 releases within this top 200: that's because in many case and game and it's sequel is one entry, and in the cases of a few, 3 or 4 games in the same series (NFL 2K, Pop n. Music) are one entry. The bottom 18 entries would have missed the list if I had not done this.

- Of those 48 were Japan only, 10 America only, 2 PAL only and were 11 indie releases.

- Release years are based on where they debuted.

- Of these 4 were released in 1998, 49 in 1999, 107 in 2000, 39 in 2001, 9 in 2002 and 20 in any year beyond that.

- Sega Smash Pack is not included, but Sega Swirl and Virtua Cop 2 from that collection are listed.

- I own 165 of the games featured, yikes!

Just a note: the article is a bit incomplete at the moment. All the poll positions are there but a few of the games do not have descriptions yet. I'm out all of today (in fact I'm celebrating the Dreamcast anniversary in style!) so I will be coming back to finish it off tomorrow.

So without further ado, beyond the jump is the complete list from last to first. Enjoy!

Dreamcast Top 200 poll is closed!

The Dreamcast games poll has been online since the American anniversary on the 9th of September and today the poll will close up for good, so get your votes in now while you have a chance! Keep an eye out for this blog tonight as we will be launching part 2 of this poll, in which you will have to pick games over the other that have an equal amount of votes. After today the games that make the top 200 will be set in stone but the order of them will be up to you! This new poll will open tonight and will be open until the end of Tuesday the 26th! That's only three days to get your votes on the order in!

Take note that some games are going to be combined to squeeze more games in. For example Sakura Taisen 3 + 4, Power Stone 1 + 2 etc. This is because their votes are very close to each other and will make the finished list far more interesting.

Happy voting!

The Dreamcast Top 200 Poll: The Gagaman picks some you may have forgotten..

With the new re-count poll of everyone's favorite Dreamcast games on the move, it feels like a good time to list off some games I personally really love on the system that may not be considered obvious choices but in my opinion deserve a bit more recognition and may have been forgotten by Dreamcast fans voting on this massive poll. Call this a bit of a nudge-nudge-wink-wink-hint-hint sort of article. Looking back at the Top 100 results from 2009 I was surprised how many great games missed out from the list, which does say a lot about just how many great games are on the system but here are some of those games I think deserve a second chance this time around..

Project Justice: Rival Schools 2

Almost every Capcom fighting game got onto the old top 100, even the port of Street Fighter 2, but not this? This was such a inventive and massive 3D fighter, and is still to this day only available on the Dreamcast, unless you're one of those people that has the dosh to collect actual arcade boards. You could twat people with baseball bats and tennis rackets one moment, and dive into synchronized swimming the next! Pure genius.

L.O.L - Lack of Love

This one maybe understandably didn't get many votes last time simply because it is quite a rare game and not many people have even heard if it. I implore you to hunt this one down though, it's simply beautiful, and despite being a Japanese only release has zero language barrier as there is next to no text or dialog, just sounds and atmosphere. It's unique and kind of hard to explain, but well worth it's asking price so run off, buy it, play it and then vote for it, because once you've played it you will want to.

Sega Marine Fishing
Not a single fishing game made the top 100, not counting Big the cat in Sonic Adventure of course. The fishing controller is one of the most fun experiences on the Dreamcast for me, and this game in particular is by far and beyond the best fishing game of the bunch. It has so much to unlock and do, and the over the top colourful presentation is pure SEGA. 

Confidential Mission

Light gun games were so shockingly few and far between on the Dreamcast it's pretty depressing. House of the Dead 2 is of course the one everyone bought a light gun for but near the end of Sega official run of the system they threw us this new James Bond themed spin on the Virtua Cop series, and it's fantastic. It's a pity modern TVs can't play light gun games, but at the very worst you can also use the mouse! 

Tokyo Bus Guide

Oh come on, don't look at me like that! Tokyo Bus Guide is the ying to Crazy Taxi's yang: it's the complete opposite in tone, speed and rules but is still an arcade gem at heart. Much like getting the most money in Crazy Taxi, being able to clear a whole course in this game without making any mistakes is oh so satisfying. I'm not kidding! When this game clicks it clicks. It's not just it?

Mars Matrix

Ok so this one was in the top 100 last time, but I just want to remind people for this time that a) this game exists and b) it is absolutely amazing. I really don;t know how to describe why I love Mars Matrix so much but something about it's game mechanics  it's crazy yet some how chill music, batshit sped up presentation and additive scoring and shop system mean I keep coming back to this one over and over again. I've been playing this more than any other DC games recently!

Indie games!

I also want to give a shout out to NG:DEV TEAM, Redspotgames, Hucast and Goat Store for the new indie games they have released since the last poll. Having new games released for a technically dead console feels rather special and these games hold up to some of the best official releases, my favorites being Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles, Rush Rush Rally Racing, Fast Striker, Gunlord and most recently Sturmwind.

If you have played any of the indie releases and enjoyed them don't forget to vote for them! We at the DCJY love new games for our favorite old console and want them to know how much we appreciate them going to the effort to bring them to the Dreamcast!

Cool Cool Toon

This is another game that made the top 100 last time and I hope it stays that way this time around. Another one of those games that has yet to be ported anywhere else and it's that one time SNK decided to just escape their comfort zone of 2D fighters and really took on the best of the quirky Japanese rhythm genre that has since died out.

Looney Tunes Space Race
Infogrames followed up Wacky Races with this superb Looney Tunes racer, which really nailed the characters personalities in 3D and despite being quite short and easy was great fun.

Maken X

For all it's flaws Maken X deserves just as much cult status as many of the quirkier games in the old top 100. The Atlus fan base has really exploded in recent years so maybe this first person sword fighting game may catch a chance this time. I can think of much worse games that could reach the top 100. Yes I'm looking at you Blue Stinger.

Gundam - E.E.F Vs Zeon DX

Developed by Capcom despite their logo being no where on the box, this 3D robot brawler based on the original 1979 anime series not only looks and sounds the part but plays brilliantly too, with less of a tricky learning curve than Virtual On. Fans of the anime will adore this but even people knew to the series will get a lot of enjoyment of this.

Alien Front Online
One of the first console games to ever feature online voice chat, it's a shame this one cannot be played online anymore but even in the offline modes this is simple, fantastic fun to play. Blowing up everything in sight is such a joy, you can even go all 'Independence Day' and destroy the white house!

Golem No Maigo / The Lost Golem

You might remember me writing about how much I adore this hidden gem, if not go check out my article about it. This small time production that was mostly the work of one person while they were a student, this charming little puzzle game is like the Dreamcast equivalent of an Oilver Postgate childrens program.

I could think of plenty of other games too but I'll leave it at that for now. I tell you one thing: I personally voted for what must have been around 130 games that I think deserve to reach that top 200. Of course being a top 200 should prevent any good games from missing the list this time around...right?

UPDATE: added a few more, I couldn't resist especially considering some of these games are getting next to zero votes!

What are your favorite underrated Dreamcast games? Let us know in the comments and most importantly: make sure you vote for them! :)

Dreamcast User Top 100 Round 2: Vote for your favorite Dreamcast games!


Back in 2009, we set up a top 100 poll for everyone to vote on their favorite Dreamcast games for the 10th anniversary of the Dreamcast’s American launch of 9.9.99. It led to the most comprehensive fan chosen chart for the Dreamcast, and the longest article I have ever written.

Now here we are four years later for the 14th anniversary of 9.9.99 with ROUND 2.

This recount feels like a long time coming as I feel we could get even more people involved this time if this is spread all over Twitter, Facebook and the like. Quite a few indie games were released in that time since the last poll and quite a few Dreamcast classics have found a new generation of fans thanks to HD re-releases.

This new poll, just like the previous one, features every single retail and indie Dreamcast game released up to this date (the most recent being Sturmwind), with well over 500 in total! You can vote for as many games as you want so take your time to go through the list and make sure you have found all the games you enjoyed on the system

Games are listed with their regional names beside them (for example: Virtua Tennis 2/ Power Smash 2 / Tennis 2K2) and in a few cases games from the same series where the installments are quite similar are merged (such as the NBA 2K games) to save room. If you can't find a game, use Ctrl+F to search for it.

The poll will close on November 22nd. The results will be counted and if any games have the same amount of votes new polls will be put up for a week to decide which should be above the other.

The final results will be released on November 27th, the 15th anniversary of the Dreamcast's Japanese launch. This time around however, because so many great games missed out on the top 100 last time…I feel it’s only fair this time…to make it a top 200.

That's right, the article for the results of this poll will be twice as long as the last. I must be mental.

The full list of every game that got votes will also be released, so this will be the biggest fan voted chart of Dreamcast games ever. Basically, anyone looking into the Dreamcast for the first time that wants to know what games are worth playing will hopefully see this as the number one source.

The poll can be found HERE at a site called misterpoll. The first time you view the site you will get a save mode on / off page, click either of the buttons and you will go through to the poll. Unfortunately we can not embed the poll here but this was the most functional poll site we could find after lots of pulling our hair out! Thanks go out to Barry the Nomad for helping get this sorted!

UPDATE: added a couple games that were missing (oops!) and moved two of the Gundam games that were under K up next to the other two Gundam games so they are easier to find.

UPDATE 2: Moved the poll closing date till the 22nd of November, so you now have a week left to vote!