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Interview with Pier Solar HD developer WaterMelon games discusses Dreamcast and Genesis/Mega Drive versions

Yesterday I was joined by SEGAbits owner George for a podcast interview with Pier Solar HD developer and WaterMelon Games president Tulio Gon├žalves. Tulio was an excellent guest, giving us great answers to our burning SEGA questions. Pier Solar, which released in 2010, was an indie RPG game for the Genesis and Mega Drive. In 2014 WaterMelon plans to release an enhanced and expanded version of the game that is set to hit a number of platforms including our beloved SEGA Dreamcast. The game will take advantage of the Dreamcast VMU, VGA cable, and will offer up cool mini-games... all this in addition to a 50+ hour RPG adventure!

Give the episode a listen and make sure to help WaterMelon to bring the game to PC by voting “YES” on their Steam Greenlight page!


Tom Charnock said...

This is great news...more new DC stuff! Oh, and it sounds really professional, it's a fantastic interview Barry (and George!). Good question regarding putting the game out on retro systems as well as iOS etc. I agree that releasing on more niche systems gives a game a lot more exposure...which is a bit weird when you think about it :)

OatBob said...

Great interview, Barry.

Thank you from Minnesota!!